With the launch of its own fashion collection, Universal Music wants to directly address fashion retailers. The new collection under the name of Rock & Rebellion reflects musical influences as well as lifestyle influences such as skateboarding. Thus metal, rock and streetwear elements are combined to create a design that far exceeds the classic fan shirt. The shirts show prints, bright colors and motifs by well known bands, including Guns n’ Roses, Ramones and Led Zeppelin.

Rock & Rebellion offers average prices and will be ready to take orders by the end of September/beginning of October. The collection will then be delivered to the stores in January and February. It consists of 30 pieces for men and a 20-piece accessory line. The main focus is on casual basics, such as shirts, hoodies, board shorts and long-sleeve tops, as well as caps, belts, wallets and bags. The items are embellished with zippers, stitching, labels and unique offerings such as reversible belts.

For general distribution Universal Music has appointed the fashion agency nicktwin, which also offers labels like Amplified, Junk de Luxe, Revolution and Monkee Genes. The complete collection will be presented at the next Bread & Butter edition in Berlin in January.

Bands will wear Rock & Rebellion-shirts during interviews and life gigs, as part of an overall goal to establish Rock & Rebellion as a fashion brand in the music and fashion segment.

—Isabel Mühlbauer