Under speculation for some time, the United trade show (unitedtradeshowusa.com) has finally announced its new location in New York.

United, the independent apparel, footwear accessories trade show based in Las Vegas, will be expanding to NYC this summer. Taking place at the Skylight venue, this July 23-24 will see UNITED take place along side of the city’s existing apparel trade shows, Project and Blue.

"The fashion industry has changed, this is a good time to be independent. Independent brands are doing better than ever before, even better than some majors. Our brands see just as many, if not more buyers as they did at the other shows. The success of our Las Vegas based UNITED caused our exhibitors and stores to create an overwhelming demand for us to add a show in NYC. UNITED NYC will make it easier for brands to do ALL their East and West coast SALES in ONE season. Plus we are making it as affordable as possible!" Says UNITED founder, Ryan Walker.