As part of a global expansion strategy, specialized Italian motorcycle apparel and protective gear manufacturer Tucano Urbano will launch its first fashion-minded selection of protective jackets starting in fall/winter 2014/2015.

“The year 2014 will mark a significant turning point for the company,” explained Federico Tecilla, CEO and minority shareholder of the company. “Our future aims are focused on growing in three main directions: increasing our product offer, expanding our distribution network and expanding geographically.” The brand has an excellent reputation among scooter drivers in Italy and major European cities for their bestselling Termoscud®, a special thermic cover worn by riders to protect themselves from cold and rain and also well known for its waterproof functional jackets and accessories for colder climates.

The new “Tucano Urbano 360°” collection will be characterized by its smart, urban image. It will debut in Italy and will be marketed through around 150 Italian up-scale fashion stores at retail prices ranging from €220 to €380. “Our aim is to offer a top-end product at entry-level prices,” explains Tecilla.

The brand-new collection will feature 19 items – 11 for men and eight for women – all waterproof, thermo-sealed and made with top-quality protective materials such as 100% waterproof nylon and wool-touch materials. All inner linings are made with Thermore except for two down jackets (one for man and one for woman) that are completely seamless. In fact, they have no stitching but instead thermoseals and are completely waterproof, too. The line is designed and developed in Italy at the company's Milan head offices and manufactured in the Far East. The company places a high priority on researching new functions, better fitting silhouettes and is emphasizing protection and invests 5% of its sales revenue in R&D.

Starting with the upcoming seasons the new collection will also be distributed in foreign countries, initially in France, the company's second most important market after Italy, followed by Spain and UK. Presently export business accounts for 40% of the company’s revenues but thanks to the newborn collection there are also plans for expansion to Russia and the Far East, two highly fashion-aware regions and Northern Europe –  with Germany playing an important role – a sales region where scooters are not as widespread because city centers are less chaotic and bicycles are more widely used.

Tucano Urbano was founded in 1999 by four shareholders and since 2012 the fund Consilium SGR fund has held a 76% stake. It concluded 2013 with €12 million in sales, a 6% increase compared with 2012 and expects double-digit growth through to the end of 2014.

By September 2014 they will open a new 200 square-meter concept store in downtown Milan selling a selection of its offer of products (about 200 items altogether). Until now Tucano Urbano had been marketed only through specialized scooter and motorcycle stores (about 1,800 in Europe, of which 800 are in Italy) and three monobrand stores in Italy – one at Milan’s Carosello shopping mall and at two outlets. From now on they are going global.