Yes, you can still find these relaxed niche fairs in Berlin: Selvedge Run is the best example for a small yet professionally run trade show. Already in its third season the conceptual event located at Kulturbrauerei sticks to its young roots and features "quality menswear and crafted goods".

About 80 brands (which is almost double the number compared to the premiere) from all around the world lay an eye one apparel, footwear and accessories for denim aficionados and lovers of hand-crafted goods. Visitors could find fairly fresh names such as Japanese denim brand Setto (the youngest sister label of Momotaro) or Dutch jeans label Benzak Denim Developers as well as established players like Nudie Jeans, Alpha Industry, Stetson or Red Wing.

"It could have been a bit busier," says Lennaert Nijgh of Benzak Denim Developers, which was the opinion of other exhibitors as well, but the overall feedback is a positive one  especially regarding the location and relaxed working atmosphere: "We like the mood and travel to Berlin only to visit Selvedge Run. It's mainly to get some new inspiration," comments Thomas Jablonski who opened his store Stuf/f - Fine Goods in Düsseldorf six months ago.

Among the plans for the upcoming season is the extension of the so called Sartorial Area to present even suits and fine tailoring, but also to intensify the service for the exhibitors: "We want to work even closer with them to help them to understand how the European market works or give them support to bring the ideal retailers in," explains Shane Brandenburg, founder and member of the managing team behind Selvedge Run.

He still sees potential for the show to (organically) grow and expects about 100 brands to exhibit at the winter edition running 17-19 January 2017.

Highlights of the show:

The colors:

All shades of blue, of course...

The items:

Hand-dyed Indigo scarves by Indigo People; Sukajan aka souvenir jackets (a re-design of the original baseball jackets with Japanese embroideries that the GIs brought back after WWII) by Soulive.

From left to right: Sukajan souvenir jacket by Soulive and scarf by Indigo People.
Photo: Fabian Grubler / Michael Mann
From left to right: Sukajan souvenir jacket by Soulive and scarf by Indigo People.

Most creative collection:

Setto (Japanese denim brand and youngest member of the Japan Blue family), featuring new denim jacket variations.

Setto jacket.
Photo: Michael Mann
Setto jacket.

The footwear:

Brown shoes made of Candiani denim by Attrezzeria 33.

Shoes by Attrezzeria 33.
Photo: Fabian Grubler
Shoes by Attrezzeria 33.

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