In recent months, people have almost gotten used to trade fairs being relocated, postponed, cancelled or moved into digital space (which is of course no substitute). So it comes as no surprise that also Copenhagen's event organizers update their plans again...

CIFF has now finally decided not to hold the fair in its original form. In an official statement made on Monday, it said: "The Danish Health Authorities authorized trade shows with thousands of participants at the end of May. However, after several weeks of dialog with our peers, we must conclude and accept that the fashion industry is not ready for CIFF as we know it. We have therefore decided that CIFF in the format we know, will take place in February 2021–progressive, innovative, international, and focused on relations, and with sustainability on the agenda.”

The new format will also take place in August (9-12) and runs under the name Elevated Order Days by CIFF. The event will take place at CIFF Showrooms on the first and second floor. Some of the brands that are usually at CIFF will be showing their collections at CIFF Showrooms. According to the organizers the focus is on sales, community and sustainability. Visitors will be offered personal advice on sustainability and buyer-approaching techniques from the CIFF team of experts. There will also be room to share thoughts, worries and solutions with others. Meetings between brands and buyers is one of the top priorities of the event. In February 2021 CIFF is to take place again as usual.

Questions about how many visitors are planned exactly to attend the Elevated Order Day by CIFF, how many brands will be exhibiting in total or whether the number of exhibitors had to be minimized have so far not been answered by the organizers.

Copenhagen Fashion Week
Copenhagen Fashion Week also has some news. The organizers of CPHFW announced on Tuesday that there will be in addition to the hybrid edition in August a B2B wholesale digital platform. The platform was established in partnership with Nuorder, one of the world’s largest digital trade show platforms. Cecilie Thorsmark, CEO of Copenhagen Fashion Week, says, “Through our collaboration with the world’s highly regarded B2B e-commerce platform, NuOrder we are very pleased to ensure that brands on the official schedule of Copenhagen Fashion Week get maximum exposure to international buyers. At a time when many buyers are challenged by travel restrictions and brands by showcasing to an international audience, it is important to have digital alternatives, thankfully ensured through our collaboration with NuOrder.” NuOrders’s services include access to market leading features such as digital catalogs, line sheets, ordering, and the latest virtual showroom technology for designers and brands to connect and conduct commerce. 

Revolver will run August 9-12, 2020, alongside Copenhagen Fashion Week. This season, the trade show will operate between two venues. The division is made to spread out the amount of people to comply all regulations and guidelines from the Danish Ministry of Health.

“Revolver is 100% on and will be executed live–like most part of Copenhagen Fashion Week. It will take place and be executed in two venues, Forum Copenhagen and Øksenhallen,” says Tina Svoldgaard, director of communications at Revolver. 

In addition, the fair has sent a save-the-date to all visitors/buyers. Among others, there are listed once again current rules of conduct in relation to Covid-19, the request to register per store only with a maximum of two to three visitors and a detailed guideline for visitors from abroad.

Apart from the digital calendar and online registration, which makes it possible to control the flow of people at the fair, Revolver has developed a “digital showroom” for each brand in cooperation with Træde.  
Christian Maibom, Revolver's founder, said in an official statement, "We are proud to present a number of new and relevant digital initiatives which, in combination with the physical show, will optimize Revolver's overall result for each exhibitor.

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