Paris' fashion shows want to strengthen a fractured Paris women’s market by joing forces: Starting September Capsule Paris Women’s cooperates with Paris Sur Mode Tuileries and Premiere Classe as a show-within-show at Paris Sur Mode Tuileries.
In a united effort, Capsule at Paris Sur Mode Tuileries will provide a one-stop shop for retailers to experience hundreds of women’s labels under one roof. According Capsule approximately 50 brands will be presented. Here Capsule's co-founder Deirdre Maloney gave more insights of the brand-new cooperation.

How did the partnership happen, did Premiere Classe approach Capsule or was it the other way around?

We have long been admirers of Premiere Classe and there has always been a mutual respect between our shows. Premiere Classe saw what we were doing with Modern Assembly in Las Vegas (where Liberty, Capsule and Agenda came together to co-locate and collaborate in a way that made all shows more impactful and convenient for the retailers) and thought was that something like this could be good in a very crowded Paris market, where buyers are pulled in a lot of different directions and really strapped for time.  Their show, Paris Sur Mode that is focused on RTW collections, made sense as a show-in-show partner opportunity for Capsule. There was mutual interest, in a common effort to build a stronger market.

Don't you fear that Capsule's identity gets lost and visitors might get confused by the show-in-show concept? How do you prevent from that? 

The brand mix is a key definer of the identity of Capsule, and that will remain uniquely ours. But of course we will have aesthetic differences the delineate that we are a separate entity, and signage.

Will this be the start of a longer cooperation with Premiere Classe or is this a one-time occasion?

We absolutely believe this will be a long term cooperation and we look forward to seeing our collaboration grow!

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