Hamburg, Germany based Tom Tailor Group wants to strengthen its competitiveness by an accelerated verticalization of the Group. For this, the company has put in place a new organizational structure, effective April 1, 2015.

It includes the reduction of the management board from four to three members and the expansion of the second management level below the board where responsibility for Tom Tailor’s individual brands will be pooled with own vice presidents for each brand, responsible for all sales channels.
This step towards verticalization shall enable each brand to align more with customer needs and shall shorten processes and decision-making routes, also benefitting wholesale partners.

Dr. Marc Schumacher, who served as chief retail officer at Tom Tailor since 2010, is leaving the management board at his own request, effective April 30, 2015. Also Daniel Peterburs, previously chief product development and procurement officer has been removed from the board – he will serve as vice president with new brand responsibilities in the future.
Board of directors from left to right: Daniel Peterburs, Dr. Axel Rebien, Dieter Holzer and Dr. Marc Schumacher
Board of directors from left to right: Daniel Peterburs, Dr. Axel Rebien, Dieter Holzer and Dr. Marc Schumacher

As a result, the management board of the Tom Tailor Holding AG will soon consist of CEO Dieter Holzer, CFO Dr. Axel Rebien and a new chief operating officer, who will be appointed within the coming months.
Since 2014, Tom Tailor has redefined its brand image. The core brand, Tom Tailor is positioning itself as a new urban player. To complement this, the company will now establish ‘Tom Tailor Contemporary’ as a separate brand over the course of 2015. The line shall have an international lifestyle focus with clear lines. Next to Tom Tailor and Tom Tailor Contemporary, the group runs the lines Tom Tailor Denim, Tom Tailor Polo Team, Bonita and Bonita Men.

Retail-wise, the Tom Tailor Group wants to open a total of 100 new stores during 2015 (excluding closures), expand its e-commerce and start with 25 new Tom Tailor franchise stores and 200-250 new shop-in-shops worldwide.

Tom Tailor is also tapping the Indian market: as was reported today, the company has closed a deal with Indian online retailer Jabong, who from now on sells Tom Tailor fashion and accessories, initially for a period of three years. is one of India’s leading fashion online retailers and belongs to the Rocket Internet Group.