Tom Tailor Group plans to enter the Canadian market with its brands Tom Tailor, Tom Tailor Denim and Tom Tailor Contemporary starting in July 2015. The group announced a joint venture with the Canadian distribution company The Mercer House Inc in which Tom Tailor Group holds a 51% stake.

The international expansion into Canada is planned to take place mainly in the wholesale segment, in particular by increasing the number of shop-in-shops with trade partners and by the establishment of retail stores. The company has opened a showroom in Montreal to present its product ranges.

"The Canadian market is very attractive for companies in the fashion industry and is at the same time very similar to the European market. Metropolises like Toronto and Montreal offer excellent opportunities for entering the market and expanding. With The Mercer House we have found a strong partner for the marketing of our Tom Tailor brands. With this joint venture, we are convinced to not only successfully position ourselves in the Canadian market, but also grow in the future," said Dieter Holzer, Chief Executive Officer of Tom Tailor Holding AG.