On 22 August 2014, Timberland will inaugurate its completely redesigned global flagship store in London, Regent Street.

The 220-sqm two-floor store will present a totally renovated image. “The London’s global store will be the first worldwide flagship designed in order to convey a complete new brand experience,” explained Mariano Alonso, VP sales Timberland EMEA. “It will present a very unique environment and will be completely bespoken. It will also influence the image of the other stores that will be either renovated or adapted from 2015 on in order to reflect the new direction of this one. Aim of this redesign is to show a unique store experience and communicate the consumer the whole brand’s retuned identity and evolution.”

“During the last two years Timberland has been passing through an overall development process that, while keeping faith to its own most authentic outdoor DNA is aiming to transform itself into a more lifestyle and leisure-minded brand,” continues Alonso who has recently joined Timberland after eight years at Nike and seven - most recently - at Camper. “From its authentic yellow boot heritage, for instance, it has been evolving toward new shoe models and vulcanized rubber sneakers that maintain typical elements such as laced-up uppers, triple stitching detailing, different ankle lengths, but also new shoe silhouettes, lightweight materials and new material mixes such as leather, fabric, and contrasting color pipings. Similarly this process is also being poured into the brand’s apparel collections.”

In addition to a wide network of multibrand stores, and five e-commerce websites for distinct European markets, Timberland is sold in the EMEA countries throughout 700 monobrand stores (including franchising stores). By end 2014, they aim to open about 100 new stores, mostly in Europe, also aiming to expand to Russia, Turkey, Middle East and South Africa.