After A.P.C. founder Jean Touitou repeatedly used the n-word at A.P.C.’s fall menswear show in Paris, Timberland decided to end its relationship with the brand. In a statement to online news website Racket, Timberland’s president Stewart Whitney said that Timberland “became aware of the offensive remarks made by Jean Touitou” and had “decided to immediately terminate (the) involvement with the A.P.C. brand, including the footwear collaboration” they had planned for the upcoming fall season.

Not only did Touitou use the n-word many times, but he also said that “The Timberland is a very strong ghetto signifier”. A.P.C. tried to save the situation by sending BuzzFeed a statement saying: “During the A.P.C. presentation in Paris Jean Touitou made a reference to two moments in recent popular culture. One being the song 'Niggas in Paris' by Kanye West and Jay Z, and the second being the Bernardo Bertolucci film ‘Last Tango in Paris’. The connection was used to describe a look for the collection and was in no way intended to cause offense.”