Timberland has participated for the first time in the July edition of Bread & Butter and kicked off a series of events aimed at celebrating the iconic yellow boot model and the brand's 40th anniversary.

On the night of 3rd July a party took place in the heart of Berlin involving guests and insiders in order to discover in what way the outdoor footwear and apparel brand wants to be in the limelight. During the event Timberland presented the possibility of incorporating a series of creative custom processes into their boots and t-shirts, which remain true to the brand's original spirit, but also look toward the future.

“We are proud to be part of this celebration,” commented the newly promoted President, EMEA, Timo Schmidt-Eisenhart . “The yellow boot was born in 1973 as the first completely waterproof leather boot – in the past only rubber boots could protect from water. We can profit from 40 years of incredible heritage and brand awareness.”

“The brand was acquired by the VF Group in 2011,” Continues Schmidt. “And now for the first time for S/S 2014 we finally see the first complete results of having become part of a big group and profiting from synergies, for instance, in terms of apparel expertise and supply chain. Our aim is to stay true to our own history and quality, while also approaching younger targets with fresher looks, but at the same time maintaining our DNA, attention to sustainable production, and upholding our social responsibility.” Schmidt continued: “Part of the new course of the brand's development in the EMEA countries are thee main objectives: working on men’s footwear and involving a younger target market, further developing our woman’s footwear selection and further developing our apparel collection.”

In terms of retail and distribution strategy, the brand has ambitious goals. At present the brand's EMEA retail network is made up of 60 own stores and 260 franchise ones, in addition to a wide wholesale network. The company aims at growing more by opening from 30 to 50 new stores every year within 2018. Among the markets where Timberland wants to grow – in addition to its major Italian and UK markets – they want to further expand in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Eastern and Southern Europe.

As part of the 40th anniversary celebration, Timberland will also offer a special limited numbered edition of 1973 pairs of yellow boots made with special soft treated leather. The boots will be sold within the brand's own top-end distribution network.

For S/S 2014 they will also offer a selection of shoes characterised by soles made with materials that adapt to the soil and are made with lightweight materials. Also new is the Hookset selection of shoes that combine style, performance and a green attitude, since they are made with four different materials: organic cotton, recycled rubber, natural rubber and aluminium.