After the season is before the season, especially in Berlin where trade show organizers come up with surprises regularly – we asked Verena Malta, founder and CEO of Berlin trade show Show & Order about her plans and expectations for the upcoming edition (19-21 Jan 2015).

As almost every season there are many rumors spreading around the Berlin trade show scenery and whether Berlin will keep its strength. How is the mood at Show & Order?
Actually, we are in quite a good mood. I think Show & Order has a comfortable position since we don’t want to and don’t have to expand. We will use our space to present a constant variety of smaller, but cool labels from all over Europe. Regarding Berlin I am very optimistic because the city is established as a fashion hot spot since many years now and is so full of life that it always serves as a huge inspiration. For summer 2015, it might also have a positive effect on the international level of visitors that Who’s Next in Paris moved their dates to September.

With so many events and trade shows happening in Berlin and the moves of Bread & Butter to Barcelona and back to Berlin (see previous coverage here), don’t you think that retailers are confused where to head to in January?
Well, it’s hard for me to state on the other events, but I think it is important to keep several trade shows for different segments to offer a big variety to retailers for them to be able to find a rather commercial offer up to a more refined selection. In that sense all events, and of course also Bread & Butter for the denim and sportswear segment, belong to Berlin.

What can visitors expect of Show & Order then?
Show & Order works as a kind of walk-in magazine for womenswear: we present many labels that stand out for their single pieces, but still you can combine them all. Retailers shall find the icing on the cake for their assortment at Show & Order, be it fashion or accessories. You need to constantly add some new and special labels and fresh trends to your store to keep it exciting. Think also of the pronto moda area that we host since last season and which will be even bigger in January, also there you can find more inspiration. It’s definitely for a good reason why our motto next season is “Chase and Discovery“!