Photographer Oliviero Toscani presented his newest ad campaign shot for the Italian Ops Objects (a young and colorful jewel line) a few days before Valentine's Day. Theme of the s/s 2015 campaign, the second one shot by the renowned photographer, is “First Love”.  The new campaign hypes two young people’s love story who rather hug and embrace each other than chatting or interacting through mobile devices.

Toscani, known for having shot famous ad campaigns for brands such as Benetton, Esprit, Chanel, Robe Di Kappa, Jesus Jeans, Fiorucci, Prenatal, Artemide and Toyota, answered some questions on love, photography and related topics.

What is love according to Oliviero Toscani?
Love is great and I have always been in love, perhaps too much. Love is asking everyone to get involved, not fear but dare to act and take the initiative. It's better being politically incorrect rather than balanced because love is energy. It is being rather than appearing.

Is the process of taking a photograph somehow similar to expressing some kind of love? And is love indispensable for taking a great pic?
In a way it is because shooting a picture is like taking that subject away from reality and place it in a totally different and superior world. It proceeds similarly to falling in love, though one has to be careful since one could be tempted to dominate the subject he is focusing on.
Though, any picture can be appreciated differently by everyone. Taking photos is a way for interpreting one's vision of reality, show something or communicate an opinion. Though, the real value of an image depends on the opinion of those who look at it. For instance, I like the fact that today everyone can take pictures and share them in social networks. It is a great thing because there is not a single picture that is the same as the other and everyone can give his or her own vision of life and things. There are many more similarities in behaviors than in photographs. Every photo is always different from the other.

How do you select models for your photographs?
I don't like to work with models that have been shot more than three times, nor with top models. Top models' expression is empty, they have nothing to communicate. When you work with top models they don't care about being photographed and one sees it in the picture. I like to work with people whose eyes are particular and who look me in the eyes. I like to shoot people who were not photographed yet. Their expression is full of surprise and curious and somehow innocent and willing to learn. This is the love I like to portray.