Multilabel retailer Tutto has recently included a new brand within its portfolio: Lala Berlin. In order to celebrate this addition, the store organized an event in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) with Lala Berlin’s founder Leyla Piedayesh. Surrounded by canapés, drinks and music, we talked with Leyla about her next spring/summer collection and her conclusions on the recently ended fashion-weeks-season. Interview by Elena Reudenbach & Lorenzo Molina

We read once in an interview that you don’t do fashion for women that go to a gala every day. What is it about sporty fashion that appeals to you?
I find sportswear appealing because I’m really practical. However, I don’t consider my clothes to be sporty but comfortable and urban in which people feel good. I also like fashion for gala!

What are your sources of inspiration for the upcoming spring/summer 2015 Lala Berlin collection?
Inspiration sources have been illusion, disillusionment, the dessert and oasis. The collection contains 3D optics prints and color wise is characterized by pink, black and white.

The runway-show season is over. What are your favorite trends? Any must-haves?
Is there a trend at all? I haven’t seen anything new or something that I haven’t already seen in the past years. The main trend for me is that you should feel good in your own skin in terms of fashion. A must-have for any woman is a Lala Berlin cashmere scarf!