During Milan Fashion Week Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy, together with Enzo Fusco - long time fashion and sportswear expert, owner of Blauer, C.P.Company, BPD Be Proud of This Dress and managing the Blauer brand for Europe - launched the first capsule collection of the Prince Tees t-shirts.

The new collection is made up of eight t-shirts in cotton (85%) and cashmere (15%), carrying small logos on the outer side or more discreet ones printed on the inner side. Every t-shirt, 100% made in Italy, minutely refined and decorated with unique graphics is aimed at international expert consumers looking for tailored, handcrafted garments. The first exemplars of the collection are sold worldwide from mid-September 2014 through a selection of high-end boutiques.

Prince Emanuele Filiberto describes this collaboration and what he likes in fashion.
Left Prince Emanuele Filiberto, Maria Cristina Pavarini (SI), Enzo Fusco
Left Prince Emanuele Filiberto, Maria Cristina Pavarini (SI), Enzo Fusco

What is your attitude toward fashion? Are there any designers or brands you especially like?
I like to dress in a casual and easy way. I always like to wear my jeans with a t-shirt, a blazer and a pair of sneakers. For this when we started this idea and I wore the first samples of these t-shirts I felt they were so soft on my skin, lightweight and comfy I could never stop wearing them. Even my girls love to wear them as pajamas – even if they are long to their knees – because they feel cuddled by them. Since I am also constantly traveling (I take about three airplanes every week), they are also perfect to be put in a suitcase and always perfect to be worn. Plus quality is something I cannot do without. For this, it is a must this collection is 100% made in Italy.
What brands or designers I like? I admire creativity in general. For instance, I appreciate what Jeremy Scott has been doing and what he is doing now redesigning Moschino. I also like Yohji Yamamoto.

How will this collaboration continue?
For this first step we are offering just plain t-shirts, laser cut and without hems, with short and long sleeves, “V” or rounded neck, but from f/w 2015/2016 we also want to add some sweatshirts and probably some comfy trouser. We also want to add some colored t-shirts and some styles carrying prints such as some old prints carried on old 1940s-1950s papier-a-roulers (paper for cigarettes) I found in old books. Other patterns will be borrowed from Haitian tribal tattoos showing symbols like the triple X. Some other patterns will be taken from 1920 gentlemen’s magazines featuring some softly osée images. They are meant to also attract the attention of the younger customers...and then, who knows...the sky is the limit. So much can be done starting from here!

How was this idea to collaborate together born?
We came to know each other while having vacation. Enzo Fusco was sailing with his yacht near the coast of Corse where I was also spending some leisure time. We decided to have lunch together and, by sitting in front of a dish of spaghetti, this idea came up almost as a joke. Though we immediately realized it could be a great project and so here we are.