New Yorker coffee shops are anything but unfamiliar to us - especially, to all those devoted followers of the TV series Friends. The story behind fashion dictionary app FAD also started in one of these homey places in December 2012, where Thomas, Nadia and Felix were talking about the ever evolving fashion industry and how it’s more and more disrupted by digital services. At some point, somebody came up with the idea of a digital cheat sheet that would allow you to carry all fashion knowledge available in your pocket all the time. At this very moment, the idea of “FAD – the ultimate Fashion Dictionary” was born. After six month of intense wire-framing, designing, coding and content tweaking, the app was launched in July 2013. Thomas Escher, who's an information architect by trade and responsible for the entire UX-concept of the app as well as its design, tells us more insights about this practical creation for fashion media insiders, curious consumers and all kind of fashionistas. Interview by Lorenzo Molina

Who does what within the app?
Nadia is the fashionista amongst us. She’s been involved in New York’s fashion scene since the late 2000’s and knows the nitty-gritty of the business like the back of her hand. Since the inception of our iPhone fashion dictionary, Nadia’s been responsible for all of its content development. Felix is our tech maven. Without him, this fashion dictionary app would have been nothing more than a nice idea at a New Yorker coffee shop table. He’s the one who’s juggling the code and responsible for all things tech-related.

Fashion App FAD
Fashion App FAD
What are your documentation sources?

Well, Nadia and Thomas have been blogging about fashion since 2010. In the early days of their digital fashion magazine “speakfashion” they developed a glossary of important fashion designers, retail brands as well as commonly used fashion lingo. This was the foundation of “FAD – the ultimate Fashion Dictionary”. Although we’ve already included more than 1,500 terms, we are constantly growing our data base. On average we incorporate around 100 new fashion terms every two to three months.

How many app downloads did you count already?
That’s one of the cool things about launching a digital service: you are not restricted to national borders. We serve fellow fashion addicts in almost any part of the world. Since our launch we’ve been distributing several thousand apps to a fashion community around the globe. So far, the user support has been overwhelming. So many people have been in touch suggesting missing terms or recommending additional features to make the app even more useful. It’s pretty awesome to know that you have such a following of devoted users behind you – all of them are willing to help making the service better every day.

Fashion App FAD
Fashion App FAD
Are you carrying out further fashion projects within your agency Mindmatic?
Yes we do. But we can’t talk about them at the moment. Only so much: we are planning on launching another digital fashion project in fall 2015. Stay tuned!

How big is the agency’s team?
Nadia, Felix and Thomas make up the entire team who’s handling the fashion app “FAD” internally. We furthermore have a couple of freelance writers helping with the content development on a regular basis. They are working out of New York, London and Berlin.

Do you think there is still room for innovation in the field of fashion apps?
Hell yes. There’s always room for some digital disruption and I only can encourage everybody with an awesome idea to launch their product or service as fast as humanly possible. It’s become so easy to launch services that were exclusively restricted to big publishing houses only a decade ago. If you want to make a difference, there’s never been a better time. You just have to get off the couch and do it.