The Italian woman’s jeans brand Indian Rose is back for f/w 2016/2017.

This brand, born in 1992, was mostly appreciated by young women but had faced some difficulties through the years.

In 2006, Dap Sides, Italian specialized logistic company, decided to diversify its business and buy the brand. After a negative experience of licensing the brand between 2006 and 2008, they decided to manage it directly and relaunch it through their own newly founded company Luxury Jeans managed by CEO Matteo Oteri and his father Natale as president, also owner of Dap Sides.

“This brand has great potential for returning to its past success as it used to produce two million pieces per year,” commented Matteo Oteri. The new relaunch will present a woman’s collection of about 50 pieces designed by Marco Dell’Oglio, creative denim insider who has also worked for brands such as, for instance, Nudie Jeans.

“The philosophy of this brand is based upon two main elements – denim and Made in Italy. For this it is made up of about 70% of denim items, out of whose 50% are five-pockets. It is entirely produced in Central Italy, in Urbania, also known as the ‘valley of jeans’, a most appreciated manufacturing district for top-quality jeans.” The brand will be sold at retail prices of €140-€200, for a pair of five-pockets.

The relaunch will start from Italy where the brand was especially renowned. Their next steps will involve expanding in Eastern European countries thanks to an agreement signed with Sari Spazio owned by Giulio Di Sabato, expert insider of these markets.

The company expects to reach a revenue of €10 million by end 2018, and a production of about 150,000 pieces.

Matteo Oteri (left) and Marco Dell'Oglio (right)
Matteo Oteri (left) and Marco Dell'Oglio (right)