From January 25 to 27, London Olympia will once again be hosting the UK’s Action Sports and Lifestyle trade show The Ledge.

Launched in January 2012 the show continues to grow and develop with now over 250 exhibitors from the actions sports, street and skate industries including brands such as DC Shoes, Osiris, Etnies, Rip Curl, Element or WeSC. Next to the selection of action sports and skate brands, September 2012 saw the launch of the Streetwear Village, created to enable more streetwear-oriented brands to thrive within their own unique environment.

Also during the upcoming edition of The Ledge, the Village shall provide an upmarket feel, comfortable and stylish setting, soft hip hop vibes and plenty of order writing spaces.

Rob, UK Distributor for Makia, Sitka and SLVDR says about the Streetwear Village “The event is very successful. The streetwear area is nice as it’s separated from the skate-side but also works really well in conjunction with it because some of the buyers definitely cross over.” Jim Breckenridge from also seemed content, commenting “A Great show, makes doing business a lot more enjoyable and my life a lot easier. Having most of the brands I used to run around Britain to visit all under one roof is rad.”

During the trade show, several forms of accompanying entertainment will be available, from breakdancing and live graffiti, to the exhibitor’s mini ramp skate competition, sponsored by Osiris and Sidewalk, which sees the shop teams striving to win a selection of prizes as well as £500 for the best trick.

The following edition of The Ledge shall be held from September 1 to 3, 2013.