The Hub announced the final selection of brands that will attend its three-day fashion fair in Hong Kong from August 28 to 30, 2013. Beside the British heritage brand Barbour, Henri Lloyd and the Spanish streetwear label Desigual, which last month opened its first monobrand store in Hong Kong, there will be the local designers Michael Wong and Johanna Ho.

Richard Hobbs, co-founder of The Hub, commented: “We are a platform for the whole of the Asia Pacific region and Hong Kong is positioned in the perfect geographical position to access all the key markets.  It's easy to get to, we have great facilities and all the banking, legal and logistics services any business would require. And it truly is the gateway to China. Shanghai is the main base for domestic brands but pretty much every international brand operating in China will have a solid presence in Hong Kong. Plus we know the best places to eat, drink and party.”

The Hub is a new branded biannual fashion fair that aims to connect international brands and Asian retailers. It is the first invitation-only Hong Kong fair. It will bring together the most exciting fashion brands from Europe, Japan and the US. Having advantages of an internationally admired legal system, an existing network of highly skilled professional and creative talents, free trade policy, low and simple taxation and close proximity to markets in Asia, Hong Kong is a world-class platform for such an event.