In the last five years Please, Italian denim and young fashion brand, has tripled its sales from €27 million in 2009 to €77.5 million in 2014.

Reasons for the success of this brand that exists since 1993 include constant investments in R&D, fresh deliveries every 15 days, a careful study on women’s actual sizes, made in Italy quality and an excellent price-quality ratio as explained by Adriano Aere, president of Imperial that the group Please belongs to.

“Our brand has tripled its sales because we strongly focused on product innovation,” he explained. “We actually increased our investments in R&D in order to offer products for our female consumers that are Made in Italy, offered at competitive prices and designed according to a perfect fit that well adapts itself to ‘real’ women’s bodies. Consumers liked our clothes and this made our sales grow in Italy and in foreign markets.”

Adriano Aere, president of Imperial, company behind Please
Adriano Aere, president of Imperial, company behind Please
Please is appreciated by a wide consumer target of women aged 15-35. The brand produces 4 million garments per year, out of whose 65% are sold internationally and 35% in Italy. Most successful markets are Europe - especially Germany. In Italy Please is sold through Imperial monobrand stores (where they sell both the Imperial and Please brands) and through multi brand stores. In foreign markets the brand is mostly sold via multibrand stores.

Imperial SpA was founded in 1978 by Adriano Aere and Emilia Giberti and is one of the major Italian fast fashion brands. Imperial SpA today is managing two brands - Imperial Fashion and Please – distributed and designed by dedicated staff. Imperial SpA registered €207 million sales in 2014 thanks to the acquisition of the majority of Dixie, another Italian fast fashion brand happened last year. Imperial SpA is exporting about 50% of the over 8 million pieces produced between Europe and Asia yearly.