Tenue de Nîmes has opened its new Amsterdam store. This second store, housed in Amsterdam's Haarlemmerstraat is divided into four parts. Architect Pim van Lingen, interior designer Jacob Roeland, Art Director Joachim Baan and Tenue de Nîmes' founders Rene Strolenberg and Menno van Meurs decided to create an updated concept that consists of a separate men's and women's world, referred to as Tenue de Nîmes 'Mesdames' and 'Messieurs'.
The women's side is characterized by light colors, soft interior details and colourful artifacts by Eames, Horst Bruning and Tapio Wirkkala. Walls are partly covered with panelling, as a nod to the aristocratic Dutch canal houses, but do still show the rough edges of the core building. The top of the panels are decorated with traditional 'shaker pegs'. The Shakers are known for their unique style in furniture and became an important source of inspiration for the new store.
The men's part of the store is a cross-over between 20th century boxing spirit and wooden design. All the furniture in the store is for sale and in the men's basement visitors will come across iconic pieces from the 50s and 60s by designers like Olavi Haninen and Friso Kramer.
The jeans section is marked by a huge denim wall made out of old wooden beams that date back to the 19th century. These beams were sourced in the north of the Netherlands and were once used as the legs of a traditional Dutch barn.