Mid of December BBB boss Karl-Heinz Müller unveiled his plans for what the July edition will look like in front of press and brand representatives. We asked the industry and trade show organizers about their opinions on the new Bread & Butter concept. Read here part II of the series here and learn what international retailers and consumer think about the new concept.


Giancarlo Marchioni, Space23, Italy:
Giancarlo Marchioni, Space23, Italy:
Giancarlo Marchioni, Space23, Italy:

“I don’t think it is a great idea. If I was a brand I would rebel myself and so I would as a retailer. If you show consumers products that are not yet in stores–and they cannot buy them–you take away appeal to what is offered in stores in that moment. I only see this move as a way for increasing the business of restaurants and bars inside the show.”

Roberto Ventura, Den Store, Italy:
“B2B and B2C are two very distinct sectors. A trade show is conceived with the aim to present what will be sold in a year’s time that is different from what is being sold in the present season. For this reason I think that the decision to also host final consumers can be counterproductive for both brands and stores.”

Dietmar Senft, Crämer & Co, Germany:
“I like the idea! You cannot always do the same thing.“

Tommy Igiel, Myjeans.de, Germany
Tommy Igiel, Myjeans.de, Germany
Tommy Igiel, Myjeans.de, Germany:

“We don´t need a trade show as a platform anymore–we look for our brands online. For the city of Berlin a consumer fair can certainly be attractive. But the exhibitors will have logistic problems; they need to have an additional collection for consumers. I am afraid that after this decision many further big players will leave Bread & Butter.”

Nino Carofiglio, Banana Moon 1978, Italy:
“I used to visit BBB because it used to give me emotion. Now I come to Berlin but I only visit Bright because that is the kind of context that can speak best to our kind of stores. What we need to find are special collections, small research brands and underground trends presented in restored authentic and unique locations. I think that opening a trade show to consumers is only a way for earning more money.”

Ralf Kutsche, Görgens, Germany:
“In the end we have to make sure that customers are coming to the stores. If they are now looking at collections that will only be in retail half a year later, the surprise moment is missing. Bread & Butter has definitely got through to the end consumers and they will be happy about the news, but where is the advantage for retailers and salespeople? I think a separate public open air event would be more sensible.”

Donna Ida Thornton, Donna Ida, UK
Donna Ida Thornton, Donna Ida, UK
Donna Ida Thornton, Donna Ida, UK:

“BBB’s move is interesting as it will change the traditional view of a trade show, giving immediacy to the consumer instead of waiting for launch in six months time. As online gathers pace, all of our business models need to be flexible to the changes ahead. We only need to look at Beyonce’s recent visual album launch where she wanted the “album [to be] available on the day the world is learning about its release” to realize that being forward-thinking and adaptable can really pay off.”

Phillip Salem, Owen, New York City, USA:
“To be honest I think that the trade shows should be limited to the buyers because it is for the buyers. We see the collections before anybody and it is meant to be personalized for each store. I think that allowing the customers in just really takes away from the magic of buyers and curating for specific stores.”

SI Statistics
SI Statistics


Nicole Albrechts (42), Oldenburg, Germany
Nicole Albrechts (42), Oldenburg, Germany
Nicole Albrechts (42), Oldenburg, Germany:

“I think this is interesting because you hear and read a lot about the fair when you follow the celebrity world and are interested in fashion. To simply get an impression of the show myself, I am ready to spend €25, however not twice a year. “

Alessia Santulli (17), Milan, Italy:
“I would go there, because fashion is my passion.”

Andrew Nicholson (22), London, UK:
“A fashion trade show could make for quite a good date outing as it would be quite different from the usual cinema or dinner alternatives.”

Jan-Steffen Glüpker (26), Bielefeld, Germany:
“I actually think this is a cool idea but I don‘t know if the trip to Berlin would really be worth it. The brands would definitely have to do something in the aftermath to make themselves stuck in my memory, otherwise it‘s all out of sight, out of mind. If the (musical) framework program is appealing, the trade show should become an instant hit with consumers.”

Annika Behrmann (36), Hamburg, Germany:
“For the people from Berlin this is certainly interesting. I would not get myself on a train for that though. Today, you can gather all information on collections online, so the ‘only watching’ event would not justify the effort for me.”

Carla Luna (44), Park City, UT, USA:
“No, I would not be interested in attending an apparel trade show if it were open to the public. Because when I’m shopping, I like to be spoiled and presentation is everything. I don‘t think the average consumer really understands what even happens at a trade show.”

Wendy Scott (38), London, UK:
“Due to time restrictions, I tend to shop and check out new collections online which allows me to quickly view the ranges and make instant purchases. I think fashion trade shows open to the public would appeal to a very limited audience.”

Donna Viloria (26), Cologne, Germany:
“I think that the show will mainly be attended by fashion affine end consumers. Personally, I would only take part if a certain collection or a designer of my interest was present–in this case, I totally wouldn‘t mind the entrance fee at all.”

Frauke Schulz (30), Frankfurt, Germany:
“I hope that BBB will also retain its relevance for the industry and not become a pure tourist destination.”

Silvana Eva Ott (32), Berlin, Germany:
“Bread & Butter–seismograph for sports and streetwear–goes where its actual customer is. Chapeau!”

Read more about the topic in our brand new issue of Sportswear International magazine due out January, 13, 2014.