Twothirds, founded in the Basque city of San Sebastian, Spain in 2010, has established itself in the western European market as a street- and menswear brand. The young brand, which is available in Spain, Germany, France and the Benelux areas, has recently expanded to Switzerland, the UK, and Russia, as well as Japan and the US.

Twothirds is all about pure design, high quality sustainable fabrics and a deep connection to the ocean, as the founders have a surfing background. Parts of the profits are donated to Oceana, the largest international organization that works to protect the world's oceans.

Distributors are: No Stress Agency (France), KSG AG (Switzerland), Greendog (Spain), Street Style BV (Benelux), The Secret Agents (UK), Mojo (Russia), Greenwich Co. LTD (Japan), Bloodworth & Co. (USA), Haptiques (East Germany), Stale Fish Sports (North Germany), Blackdistribution (South Germany).