British shirt and suitmaker Turnbull and Asser is aiming to grow its Stateside presence with its Bespoken collection. Since 1885 Turnbull and Asser have been designing shirts and suits for men around the world. In the fall of 2007, the brothers of this British brand collaborated with Liam Fayed and close family friends Carlos and Paulo Goncalves to create a modern interpretation of traditional tailored suits for a younger customer called Bespoken. Aptly named after the old English term for tailored clothing, the collection is currently being designed and manufactured in England by the designers and pattern-cutters at Turnbull and Asser. In addition, the fabrics used for Bespoken garments are sourced from British textile mills and feature classic English sartorial detailing such as double vents, slanted ticket pockets and gingham linings. Bespoken’s fall collection draws inspiration from the post-war movement in the 40s and 50s. This utilitarian influence will be represented through classic and minimalist pieces that will be exclusive to Bloomingdale’s this fall.

—Alexandra Gonzalez