German family-owned company Trigema has launched an eco-friendly line called Trigema Change. The fashion collection consisting of basics, developed and produced in Germany, is certified by Cradle to Cradle and is available in Trigema‘s online shop.

Trigema Change is driven by experience, high quality and a new design and material concept with ecologic products and production methods. The basics get inspiration from current trends and original Trigema styles from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The collection is designed by Mona Ohlendorf from Berlin;  retail prices range between €30 and 70.

Trigema Change is part of the most progressive current strategy for a green change: the Cradle to Cradle concept, which is based on closed cycles where everything that is created is part of a whole, which can be utilized, cultivated and created without losing the raw materials or creating waste. Thus, Trigema Change products are 100 %-recyclable, they can be completely returned to the ecological system and become a nutrient for new plants.