ITS#SEVE, the platform for young designers from various creative fields from all over the globe, is on its way and to be held July 18-19, 2008, in Trieste, Italy.

ITS (International Talent Support) was created and developed by the Trieste-based EVE agency and is sponsored by Diesel, YKK and Mini. For ITS#SEVEN, seven "heavenly sins" have been created. They are seven virtues that contrast with the seven deadly sins. These seven virtues incarnate the various attitudes and values that distinguish ITS: creativity, coolness, intelligence, team spirit, respect, perseverance and happiness.

ITS#FASHION offers its finalists a wide range of opportunities that go from financial support to work experiences, from projects to special prizes. The Diesel Award substantially assists the winner's breakthrough into the international fashion industry. Last year's winner was offered the opportunity to design a mini-collection, thanks to an internship at the Diesel headquarters in Italy, that features a personalized label and that will be distributed in the most exclusive Diesel stores worldwide.

ITS#ACCESSORIES, in collaboration with YKK, is now in its third edition, and sealed its status as a top international competition in the field of accessories design. The prizes to be won in this competition, a contest dedicated to all types of accessories, include Accessories Collection of the Year, with a prize of €10,000, and the YKK Award, €10,000 and a photo shoot. Ferragamo will offer accessories finalists its support once again this year, not only in the production of shoe prototypes but also of bags.

ITS#PHOTO, sponsored once again by MINI, is a competition for photography schools from all over the globe. The winner receives €10,000 and a professional shoot.