Jan Busch Carlsen, founder of CPH Vision, is resigning as CEO, but will continue as non-executive Chairman of the Board of Directors. Newly appointed CEO Peter Fenger Selchau, 30, has been working with strategic and administrative development at CPH Vision since 2006.

Carlsen is assuming more of a background role, but will still be working closely with the team and acting as advisor to the company's creative management. He will dedicate his time to strengthening the vision that originally underpinned the creation of CPH Vision more than 10 years ago and will also spend time on his passion of supporting new talent and developing new creative projects to help strengthen Copenhagen as an international fashion platform.

Since forming CPH Vision in 1998, Carlsen's vision, wide experience and exceptional knowledge and understanding of the industry have been a driving force in realizing and developing the immense potential of Scandinavian fashion.