German-based Tom Tailor Holding AG increased its sales in the first nine months by 18.7% to €295.3 million. In the third quarter of this year, the company increased its sales by 16.8% to €118.6 million and profited altogether by consistently pursuing its expansion strategy. During the reporting period of nine months, sales in the retail segment increased by 48.6 % to €102.8 million. The wholesale segment achieved a sales increase of 7.2 % to €192.5 million.

According to the recent Outfit Study 7.0 released by German Spiegel publishing group, Tom Tailor is ranked number eight on the top ten list of well-known fashion brands in Germany. CEO Dieter Holzer: “We are proud of these results and they will motivate us for the future.”

As part of its expansion strategy, the lifestyle company pays attention to increasing its controlled retail space. Since the start of the year, the group increased the number of retail stores across Europe by 63 to a total of 221. In the third quarter, the group expanded its presence to Poland where it opened its first retail store. Another five stores are due to open there by the end of the year. The number of shop-in-shops went up by 285 to a total of 1,726. Tom Tailor expects sales of at least €400 million in fiscal year 2011.