The merger’s been sewed up. After running simultaneously in the same location for the first time last month, Paris-based textile fair Premiere Vision and yarn trade show Expofil have officially fused into one all-encompassing fabric and yarn show.

Show representatives said the aim of the merger is to strengthen the synergies between the two formerly separate, standalone shows.

A new parent company, PVE, has been created to oversee the new entity. PVE will include representatives of weavers and spinners and be presided over by Daniel Faure. Faure currently serves as the president and director general of Premiere Vision.

The new joint venture will cover 40,000 sq. meter of exhibiting space of the Paris Pôle Mode and will include Premiere Vision, Expofil, Indigo (patterns and textile designs) and Mod’Amont (textile accessories).

— Maria Cristina Pavarini, Senior Features Editor, Sportswear International (Milan)