Yet another brand has been dug up from fashion’s 1970s and ’80s graveyard and will be relaunched soon: Huk-a-Poo.

The brand, whose slim-fitting shirts with bold colors and patterns were wildly popular during the Me Decade, will return to stores for spring/summer 2005 thanks to a recently signed licensing deal between it and Billant Apparel of New York.

Revived brands such as Penguin, Generra and Le Tigre have found great success since they were re-introduced to consumers in recent years and Billiant president Anthony Ottimo said he is reviving dormant Huk-a-Poo because "the relaunching of old, familiar brands will continue to be a successful formula."

The new Huk-a-Poo shirts will still be slim and colorful but will not feature polyester fabrics or spread collars – two "authentic" ’70s touches that clearly would not resonate with modern consumers.

Before joining Billant, Ottimo helped launch and/or run Rocawear, Outkast clothing and Eve’s line, Fetish.

The Huk-a-Poo line will be targeted to premium specialty and department stores across the USA.