Following its kickoff during Berlin Fashion Week, the Greenshowroom will debut a special salon presentation in Paris. At 4 p.m. on Nov. 22, the Maison de L`Europe will feature high-end labels selected under strict guidelines for their ecological and ethical content. The participating labels will run the gamut from womens- and menswear to handbags, jewelry, beauty products and food. Current exhibitors include Lilliana Castellanos, Rianne de Witte, Mr.Larkin, Andrea Klüsener, caro e., Sea Bags, Roshanak Salim, Reet Aus, Queen & Princess, Gesine Gammert, Ponchisimo, Kimono Collections, Oria, Furnism, Royal Blush and *magdalena schaffrin. The Greenshowroom is the first showroom to offer a symbiosis of sustainable innovative design in the upper middle to upper class segment, taking place annually during the summer season in Berlin and Paris during their Fashion Weeks. Further events in other cities are being planned. Its Paris showroom in the meantime will be open from Oct. 1-4.

—Isabel Mühlbauer