World-famous celebrity Victoria Beckham recently sat down with Sportwear International’s German Bureau Chief, Sabine Künhl, to discuss her latest fashion project, a signature denim collection she has created in collaboration with LA-based premium denim brand Rock and Republic. (Beckham is pictured at left above with Rock and Republic’s co-founder, Andrea Berhnholtz.) Here’s what the singer-turned-designer had to say…

SI: Your career originally began in the music business, as a Spice Girls star. What motivated you to turn to fashion?
VB: Well, firstly I have always been a fan of fashion, and have always followed fashion developments very closely. Then a few years ago I started to collect designer pieces such as haute couture or vintage models. There are also quite a lot of jeans in my collection – probably a few hundred pairs by now. It includes a bit of everything, from vintage Levi’s to premium denims.

SI:...and so from there it was a natural step to designing your own denim collection?
VB: There‘s also an entirely practical reason. I always used to have to search long and hard for jeans that fitted me perfectly. I tried all kinds of brands and models but somehow never really found just what I wanted. So that alone gave me the idea of designing something of my own, a pair of jeans that would be just right for my shape. I wanted a fit that was skinny, and low in the waist, well fitted around the thigh and knee, and of course that also made your bottom look good.

SI: And how did the collaboration with Rock & Republic come about?
VB: I had always loved their jeans. Then I met up with Michael and Andréa in LA, and we got right down to planning our partnership range, Victoria Beckham for Rock & Republic.

SI: There have been quite a few of these collaborations with various star names, and in some cases the star just lends their name to the finished product. How much did you actually get involved?
VB: For me it was never about just putting my name to something. I have a great amount of control over the product, and I‘m deeply involved in the design process. Right at the beginning, I drafted mood boards, to determine how I imagined the looks and models of the jeans – I used my own collection as a treasure trove for this. I also help select materials, check the patterns and assess the various washes. I never actually studied fashion design, but as I have always taken such an interest in fashion I am in a good position to judge how a pair of jeans should fit or which washes look good.

SI: And what would you say is the crucial factor in a pair of really good jeans?
VB: You can never really say what the most important thing is about a pair of jeans, at the end of the day all the different aspects - the fit, material, wash, embroidery, or the details, however tiny are all equally important. A pair of jeans is a work of art in itself; everything has to be right.

SI: You have in fact become something of a ambassador of denim, wouldn‘t you say?
VB: I‘m not sure I would go that far, but it is perhaps fair to say that I am a good example of how denim is generally worn these days – not just because of my jeans collection with Rock & Republic, but rather because I enjoy wearing jeans, wear them quite frequently, and I‘m most often photographed in jeans.

SI: What would you say in the current status of denim? Is the trend likely to ever peter out?
VB: Not at all. I think that jeans have become one of the most important staple articles of clothing, maybe the most important of all. And this is partly because denim can nowadays be worn together with almost anything. Jeans are now no longer just for every day or for work, but can also be combined with elegant clothing.

SI: So does this trend also apply to premium denim? Or will the high prices sooner or later rein in the hype?
VB: Customers have changed their minds as far as premium denim is concerned, and are these days much more willing to pay relatively high prices for good denim. Twenty years ago it would have been pure fantasy to pay 250 euro for a pair of jeans, but that is now pretty usual. After all you do get what you pay for.

SI: What does the future look like for your range? Are you planning to expand?
VB: Definitely. The main range is gradually being extended, sunglasses will be launched soon, and we will be presenting a selection of swimwear for summer. Children‘s clothes are also in the pipeline – we will be showing things for both girls and boys. The girls‘ jeans will feature a crown and crest emblem, and there‘ll of course be rougher styles for boys.

SI: In retrospect, which is harder to deal with: fashion or the music business?
VB: Basically I would say that the music business was more of a challenge for me personally, probably because in my opinion I have more of a knack for fashion. With fashion everything seems to happen easily, and I don‘t have to make any great effort, because I also have a fantastic time doing it. I am really enjoying what I am currently doing with Rock & Republic.