The Maus Frères Group, which already owns 35% of Lacoste SA through its subsidiary Devanlay, has signed an agreement regarding the acquisition of another 30.3% of the Lacoste SA equity from a family shareholder of the group that includes Michel Lacoste.

The transfer is subject to a certain number of conditions, as it will cost Lacoste between 1 and 1.25 billion Euro. In accordance with the designated shareholders, the Maus Frères Group has proposed the same conditions to the rest of the family’s investors. All parties signed the agreement today and fully concur that the deal provides the best guarantee of sustainability for the Lacoste brand and ensures success for employees, licensees, partners, distributors and customers alike.

Founded in 1902, the Maus Frères Group is a family-run company that is involved in a variety of activities and is associated with the Maus and Nordmann families. In the realm of retail, the company holds a 56% share in Manor, Switzerland’s largest department store chain, and also invests in Jumbo and the sporting goods chain Athleticum. In 2011 the Group generated a turnover of 5.3 billion Swiss francs and now employs 22,000 people worldwide, working with the Lacoste brand (Devanlay Group), Gant, Aigle and Parashop.