With Pfandtaschen.com a platform with a deposit system for cloth bags was launched in early September. It offers an alternative for retailers to provide their customers with textile bags instead of the environmentally unfriendly plastic ones and helps them keeping a good conscience.

From a quantity of 250 pieces, the bags are available to retailers who can individually select them on the website via choosing from 7 different models in 18 colors with over 100 designs in 15 print colors. An own retailer design or logo can also be customized.

The retailers then can decide on a deposit amount for the bags.

In turn, the customer can conclude if keeping the bag is worth it – the bag is “sold” - or returned to the store so the customer gets the money back. The condition doesn’t matter in this case, as due to hygienic and sustainable reasons the bags get recycled by an insulation manufacture partner immediately after being reobtained to Pfandtaschen.com by the retailer.

As another sustainable factor, most of the bags are manufactured in cooperation with the Schwabach-Roth gGmbH, a sheltered workshop.

Pfandtaschen workshop
Photo: Pfandtaschen.com
Pfandtaschen workshop

The website was launched on the 1st of September and offers, next to the shopping bags, the possibility to book a Pfandtaschen.com promoter and to download info flyers for the customers.