The Dutch total look and cool womenswear brand SuperTrash is getting ready to expand worldwide. For this step, it will participate in Pitti W in Florence next June.

The collection was founded in 2003, after an idea of its founder, a young and very determined female entrepreneur, Olcay Gulsen. Today it’s sold in 32 countries worldwide through 2,000 multibrand stores and 15 monobrand boutiques (ten in The Netherlands, three in Belgium, one in New York and another one in London to open this summer).

Olcay Gulsen, founder and owner of SuperTrash
Olcay Gulsen, founder and owner of SuperTrash
“I started SuperTrash because I felt that the market missed a bridge collection that could conjugate the affordability of street-brands with the class of upmarket products,” explains Gulsen. “I started my collection in 2004 by offering 15 dresses and they were immediately sold out. At that time most affordable products were usually very casual. I added some sexyness to them and a more feminine feeling.” Now her collections includes 2,000 apparel pieces per year (SuperTrash Woman), 400 shoe models and about 100 accessories, a ST Girls collection aimed at 4 to 16-year-old girls that offers 300 items and an underwear collection (Madame SuperTrash) that launches 600 pieces in the market every year.

Her apparel collection also includes a complete denim line made of about 60 items such as jeans (available in five different fits and 40 washes) plus shirts, jackets and dresses. Prices range from between €100-€200 at retail for a dress and €89.95 up to €179 for jeans (for most elaborate models). Sixty percent of her products are manufactured in Asia, the remaining 40% in Europe, mostly Turkey and Greece. Jeans are made in Italy, while jerseys are all manufactured in Portugal.

“It is all about a ‘feel good’ story,” commented Gulsen, whose company registered €86 million from retail only, in 2013. “I think that this brand is aimed at women who want to develop themselves both at a personal and career level...I mostly believe in the importance of this. This is why in my company out of the 100 employees 80 are women, because they know best how to serve and help women look sophisticated and feminine,” she explains referring to the fact that her brand’s name was chosen with some irony. “This name was born with the aim of making fun of the stereotype of women being stupid. Nothing is like it seems. On the contrary this brand is about celebrating life. And I like to play with contradictions.”

SuperTrash has also recently redesigned its store philosophy. This new concept has debuted in Amsterdam in March 2014: “My idea was to recreate the same environment of a luxury cool hotel where one can feel as comfy as if at home because many of my customers are often travelling for work and such an environment can always make them feel at ease.” New stores that communicate a brand new image will open soon – one in London, this summer and the New York flagship will move from Nolita to Prince Street, in Soho.

The brand is now sold 40% in The Netherlands, 20% in Belgium and other countries. Among one of the countries where Gulsen recognizes the strongest potential is Italy, where, through agent and talent scout Andrea Conidi, owner of the Baco Srl showroom in Milan, the brand will be distributed to 110 stores for the first season – spring/summer 2015 – and will be to sold to about 220 by f/w 2015/2016. For next season, results could be even higher, especially considering their debut at Pitti W. Also, high-growth potential is recognized in the US market. Here, the business is managed by Olcay Gulsen’s sister, Dolshe, who also produces a small high-quality selection of clothes only aimed at celebrities, who already deeply love the brand.