Italian jeans brand Gas has just celebrated its 30th anniversary through the digital initiative “Gas Free for 30 Seconds”. For this initiative, Gas has opened a free e-commerce for 30 seconds on 8 May, 2014. A
significant number of people participated in the challenge in Italy: 11.000 subscribed to the event and 220.000 visitors viewed the page. The fastest web shoppers, who managed to buy more items in such a short time, won a free Gas item.

A digital campaign started one month before the event and presented Marc Marquez, MotoGP world champion and social phenomenon, who became the ambassador of the brand’s #FastAttitude by inviting fans to train by testing and improving their speed on the minisite, dedicated to the event in order to be ready when the digital contest went live.

Thanks to an integrated multichannel campaign – from social media to the web, from TV to press – the fans have answered numerously and enthusiastically. “More than 40.000 Italian websurfers have subscribed to the training phase with a peak of 11.000 subscriptions in the two hours before the event that lead to a total number of participants much over our expectations” commented Barbara Grotto, Gas Head of Marketing and Communications. During the 30 seconds, the Italian event registered 220.000 page views.
In addition to the winners, Gas rewarded all other participants with a 30% discount voucher, which can be used in the Gas stores and on the website.

Similar digital events happened on 13 May in Hungary and 14 May in the rest of Europe. After summer, similar contest will take place in India, Russia and Japan.