On 5 February, on the opening day of the two-day denim focused The Blue Zone show of Munich Fabric Start , Isko presented a denim friendly chat - followed by a close-out work lunch - focused on the theme "Tomorrow's Denim Market in Germany: a value chain insight into consumers' trends".

The initiative involved Albert Llort, head of global promotion & application sulphur dyes, Clariant; Enrique Silla, president, Jeanologia; Marco Lucietti, marketing director, Isko; and Federico Corneli, owner of the jeans manufacturing company C&S and of the Haikure Jeans brand. The talk show was moderated by Maria Cristina Pavarini, Senior Features Editor, Sportswear International.

The speakers explained their present and future strategies, which aimed at growing their presence in the German market, in accordance with the local and international jeanswear market. The speakers also isolated specific local tastes in denim, while presenting, from the point of view of the value chain, different aspects of fabrics, chemicals, washings, treatments, styles and fits.

Among the key-points emerging from the discussion there was an increased attention to new eco-friendly and sustainable developments. Clariant's Albert Llort described how the whole chemical industry is now focused on developing new finishing substances, for instance, obtained from bio-masses and remains of the agricultural market; Jeanologia's Enrique Silla explained how crucial sustainable topics are for the future development of this market and announced the launch of machines that can provide their new Nao-Bubble finish, a sustainable softening finish that contains no chemicals, doesn't hurt nature, but does provide extra-softness.

Another key point of the conversation was the importance of value chain collaborations as well as the value of transparency, as explained by Isko's Marco Lucietti and C&S owner Federico Corneli: "This is how we can build up great products in collaborations with brands and companies by always offering top quality ingredient brands".

Lucietti also explained how the company's future aims include a further focus on men's stretchy denim, a new market niche where there is great potential in new product development and growth. Lucietti has stated how important collaborations continue to be for Isko. For this they will start a new partnership with Esprit group by launching a new "247" jeans concept that will hit stores in August 2014. Federico Corneli agreed with Lucietti about the importance of collaborating with trustworthy partners, while setting his attention on three main elements such as sustainability, new fits and transparency. This last one topic is a key for his Haikure jeans brand totally made in Italy and carrying a QR code through which each consumer can discover all productive steps - from cotton picking to store delivery.

According to all speakers, indispensable to establishing a company within the German market, is reliability and the ability to deliver on time. Corneli specifically explained how his company has managed increased productivity, and delivered items within 3-4 weeks. Lucietti re-stated that is thanks to joining forces with their productive partners (such as chemical, finishers, etc...) that they can provide their products according to the times requested by their clients.