The Panorama fair held at Schönefeld airport, which began today, has thus far been agreat success. Starting at 11.30 am, the halls have been busy all day long. Thanks to the well organized Panorama shuttle service consisting of 180 busses, as well as 30 pick up points, visitors have had a comfortable journey to the fairs ground. There is also a direct bus line from Tegel airport, and to the other Berlin fairs.

359 exhibitors are showing their new AW 2013-14 collections across three halls with acombined 20,000 sqm floor space. Panorama CEO Jörg Wichmann says "We are happy with the first day; we have already met important buyers from P&C, Engelhorn, Garhammer and also a group from China."

The exhibitors are commenting that the debut Panorama fair is well organized and that everything is running smoothly. One exhibitor comments: "The fair halls are light and professional and the brands can present them in a nice atmosphere. Booths are not bombastic, but big enough to see the brands world. The look of the fair is generous and the booths are pretty and decorated. The paths between the halls are short and visitors can walk casually from one booth to the next. Panorama offers womenswear, menswear and young fashion jeans, shoes and accessories, and each segment has its own neighbourhood.” A visitor comments: "It is good to have also the mainstream brands here in Berlin.”

The atmosphere at Panorama is relaxed and calm and order talks are serious. "Finally we have a real fair with mainstream brands" says Lutz May from H.I.S.. "The organisation is perfect and we feel fine here. For some brands like H.I.S., Gin Tonic or Cipo and Baxx,Panorama was the first debut after some years of not exhibiting at fairs. Jens Bastian from Broadway says: "With the brands here on Panorama retailers can really make good business. It is not enough only to have nice individual selected brands."

Elias Rumelis of M.O.D. Denim says: "We really hope that also the next days of Panorama are successful. The atmosphere is nice, there are enough parking places, music is not too loud and the fair team is helpful." However, a point of criticism for some exhibitors is the long distance to the city, Otto R. Dörner of Gin Tonic fears that: “despite the shuttle service a lot of visitors will not find the way.”