Right on time for Christmas, e-commerce platform Stylight compiled information regarding the best-selling days, shopping trends and purchase power in e-commerce for the pre-Christmas season.

Stylight predicts that 20% of the general worldwide online turnover will be made during the holiday season.

According to the study, the US-market is the largest one when it comes to Christmas shopping online, also due to popular American sales days such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Especially on Cyber Monday, Americans tend to spend more than thrice as much as on a normal shopping day. This year, around 3 billion dollars will be spent solely through e-commerce.

In America, the online-turnover will also be higher during holiday season than in Germany, UK and France. And while the pre-holiday season starts end of November in the UK and the US, in other European countries such as Germany and Spain, pre-holiday season will start on 7 or 8 December.

A huge trend, according to the study, is shopping on mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. Adobe predicts that in the US 51 percent of the shopping traffic will come through mobile devices. Stylight itself also recalls an increase in global mobile traffic in comparison to the year prior – an increase by 116 percent. Generally, also most Europeans bet on mobile devices to shop for Christmas presents. Germans will therefore spend 311€ on average, consumers from the UK will spend 416€ and people from Switzerland up to 690€ on average.

Stylight prognosis for Christmas e-commerce 2015
Stylight prognosis for Christmas e-commerce 2015