In times like these when fashion designs change quickly and various styles are hot at the same time, the flexibility of mannequins becomes crucial. Genesis Mannequins has developed a height-adjustable pants shaper with a wide variety of body heights. The reason: after years of low-waisted pants fashion, the usual pants shapers are not suitable for the higher waist heights. The new patented product consists of a regular lower body and a separate hip-bloc, which is anchored with a push & pull fitting in the waist plate. The height of the pants shaper can then be adapted using nine different levels ideally to the waistline of the pants.

Also other mannequin producers have been investing in flexible mannequin solutions for retailers and brands. For example Hans Boodt and Window Mannequins have been developing mannequins with faces that can be changed easily in order to present many different make up looks with only one figurine.

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