In June 2013 Stone Island will open a new store in Tuscany, Italy. This comes after having inaugurated a store in Florence, which is a few steps from Piazza della Signoria, in January 2013, and other recent openings in France, namely in Paris and Cannes. Stone Island will inaugurate a new store in Forte dei Marmi, a chic seaside location on the Tirrenean Coast.

"This opening is part of a series of initiatives aimed at increasing the brand's presence worldwide, but especially in Europe." comments Carlo Rivetti, president, owner and creative director, of the sportswear company. The entrepreneur has explained how the company is performing well in Italy and in other markets despite the generally difficult economic situation.

The company expects to close 2013 with revenues of over €68 million (+12% growth when compared with the almost €60.8 million of 2012). "We are satisfied with these results because they are not resulting from out-of the-blue achievements, but part of an organic and healthy growth. Consider that in 2012 we also registered a +17% increase, when compared with the €52 million of 2011. We reached these targets, keeping the same margins, without touching our prices, or acting on specific market operations. Within four years we have doubled our sales, and have constantly increased our profitability."

A positive result was registered in Italy where Stone Island saw a +6.2% growth in sales comparing 2013 with 2012. Although other "plus" mark results came from other countries such as UK (+19.5%), Germany and Austria (+20.7%), Korea (+30.8%), France (+28.7%), Japan (+10.9%), Russia (+20.3%) and from online sales (+18.9%). Right now the company is sold through about 1050 multi-brand stores (of which 420 are in Italy), in addition to their 15 flagship stores. Still Italy is the company's major market where they sell 40% of their products. Among their major foreign markets are the UK (12%), Germany and Austria (11%) followed by Benelux, France, Japan and Russia. Online sales count for 2.5% of the company's revenues.

Among some of the newest initiatives was a recent launch of their special interactive website, through which their recent exhibition, held at the Leopolda Station in June 2012, in Florence, which celebrated the brand's 30th anniversary, was documented. “It is emotional. Thanks to this website anyone can visit and experience it all once more," commented Rivetti. "In addition to this, anyone can watch and discover every detail about the individual products, as well as discovering technical information about them." The number of fans of the company's facebook page has also grown significantly. From the 9,000 followers of 2011 they reached 200,000 in March 2013.

In June 2013 Rivetti will inaugurate a new warehouse inside the SPW Company headquarters in Ravarino in order to place a section of the company, which had been damaged by the Emilia earthquake of Spring 2012, inside it. “We have rebuilt it without waiting for any help from the Italian State." He comments, while underlining how every single Italian retailer called the company to hear the news about the earthquake, emphasising the companies’ ties with the local area. "We built this new area as a sign of respect and care for the present and the future of our company, our workers and our territory." The new warehouse will host, in addition to a store that will exclusively serve company personnel, the company's archive of 20,000 historical garments.”