Sportjam exhibition arrived at its fifth edition with a unique format which combines an international competition of skateboard and an exposition area where brands,
stores and artists present all type of products, clothes, skateboards and
accessories. Sportjam took place in Irun City just at the Spanish and French border,
the weekend 18 and 19 of September, in the fairground of the city. With the
same installation that in September of the last year attracted more than 6,000 spectators
to discover in live the spectacle offered by national and
international skaters. The event maintained its philosophy to fuse a professional competition, amateur and spaces opened for the practice of these sports.
Sportjam has an area of stands where the public is able to acquire
articles of the different brands, stores and artists: Habitat, Split, Crème
Skateboard, Santa Cruz, La Plaza - Pukas, Koala, Lenta Company, Koala,
Attitude Skate.
Sportjam also welcomed So Real Tour, an exposition of the international
independent culture including photographs, graffiti, skateboard, painting,
illustration, graphical design, poster-art, surf, cinema, literature, music and more through more than four hundred present works.
Sportjam is produced by Sportjampro SL, his director, Stan Polo has an
extensive experience in the fairground sector and sports events specially related
to action sports like surfing, skating, snowboarding. From 1991 he organized and
collaborated with more than 70 international and professional events in Europe;
Glissexpo, Gx Festival, On Snow, Asr Europe, Snowjam, Sportjam are the most