Italian specialized motorbike apparel manufacturer Spidi debuts in jeanswear and launches Spididenim, a new highly functional fashion-driven denim line for men and women.

Details of Spididenim's men's jeans
Details of Spididenim's men's jeans
The new jeanswear collection includes seven 5-pocket models, four for men and three for women, available in 24 variants including different fits (slim and regular), hues and finishes. “Denim is the heart of this project,” commented Nicola Dalla Grana, president, Spidi Sport Spa, “Though we wanted to interpret it according to more functional and technological concepts. We think that denim has still great unexpressed potentials that we – thanks to our know-how, our long expertise developed after dozens of years side by side with moto GP champions and our ergonomic research - could develop and pour into high-performance and great look products.”

The new collection was designed by expert denim consultant Maurizio Zaupa and, according to an exclusive agreement, only employs highly functional Orta Anadolu denims. Continues Dalla Grana: “In order to reach these results we have operated closely with fabric specialist Orta Anadolu and with them we started a research and development program in order to obtain highly resistant and comfortable denims.” Through Swiss specialist Schoeller Technology they applied NanoSphere, a special nano-technology that makes denim become water-resistant, oil-repellent and self-cleaning. They also achieved Tenax 12 ounces, a 100% PIMA cotton denim that is very comfortable with a soft touch, though it has a raw image and resists to tearing and scratches four times more than a traditional 12 oz. denim. They also employed Schoeller's ColdBlack technology through which black denim keeps its wearers cool even under the sun thanks to the special Sun Reflector-UV protector treatment.

The collection's items are characterized by the same great features that are intrinsic to the company's core business – high-tech and highly functional, comfortable and protective clothes. For instance, they added special functional pockets they called “Augmented Pockets” that can carry bigger objects such as, for instance, an iPhone. The back pockets have an extra inner flap in order to avoid losing objects. In developing fits they also created special models through which legs can be opened up to 180°, the waist is very comfortable when riding a bike or a motobike, plus trousers carry no stitching in the crotch area. Items also carry special superlight inner linings and protective applications that are not felt by the wearer, nor visible from the outside, though guarantee extra protection and functionality.

The collection will be sold at retail prices ranging between €150-250 and will be launched for f/w 2014/2015 from October 2014, in Europe, the US and Asia. Spidi Sport Spa, the company behind the newborn brand, will sell it both on-and off-line and aims at reaching about 80 prestigious clients till 2017.