Smith’s American and Michela Goldschmied will present their newest collaboration during White Milano in February 2014. For the first time the new Smith’s “Capsule Collection” by MG offers footwear and apparel aimed at women.

The new project is at the crossroads of the Italian and the American experience. Smith’s was born in New York in 1906 and, a century later, obtained its passport to Italy and Europe through Bridge, the Venetian company that licences the brand. Michela Goldschmied divides her time between Los Angeles and Asolo, Italy, and draws her inspiration from the mixture of cultures and influences from both places. Goldschmied is a professional interior designer, but has always been fond of fashion. Her husband, Adriano Goldschmied, has been the point of reference for the casual style worldwide for over 40 years, and his brands have conquered Hollywood. Michela Goldschmied: “My goal with Smith’s American is to offer the most eclectic of targets possible with timeless and ageless clothing. These are comfortable garments that one always wears with a sense of great satisfaction.” Style is a matter of personality, reflecting primarily a way of being in the world that is not just about appearance. Michela Goldschmied’s own signature is a mix of understatement and details, exquisite materials and workmanship.

The new collection uses colours such as blue, burgundy and grey. The colours are never shouted, but expertly combined. The collection consists of jackets made of jersey, velvet, wool or Prince of Wales wool, double-washed blue and black denim shirts, V-neck T-shirts as well as jeans, either loose to be worn with suspenders, or tight fitting and straight. “Jeans are the most beautiful thing in the world,” says Michela. Finally, to go the distance, one more thing could not be left out: a capsule collection of shoes with handcrafted workmanship and a distinctive flair.