According to sources from within the company, on Thursday 7 February, the new owners of Sixty signed an agreement with the Italian government and local authorities to create a new company and a satellite company that will hire 120-130 people of the present 365 employees. Despite this, not all local unions have agreed to sign. Cisl and Uil have given their OK, while Cgil did not sign. Cgil have until Tuesday 12 February to sign, as confirmed by a source inside the company.

After a long meeting that lasted about 12 hours last Thursday, the industrial relaunch plan was defined. According to it the new owners should create a “Newco Sixty" hiring about 50-60 people out of the old company. This new enterprise would be managing the brands Miss Sixty, Energie, Refrigiwear and Murphy & Nye under a five-years licensing agreement that could be renewed for five more years. In addition to this, a second distinct satellite company hiring about 70 people will provide services for the four brands.