It’s widely known that the Christmas season, meaning the months of November and December, is the most important time for retailers worldwide. After all, it’s the time where sales are the highest compared to the rest of the year, because everyone needs to purchase presents. Lexmark has now put together six measures for larger retailers/department stores on how to make their business even more efficient during the Christmas season via the use of new processes and technologies.

1. Dress to impress: 75% of purchase decisions are made at the point-of-sale. So, optimize your visual communication by focusing on an attractive design of product shelves and price tags to catch the customer’s attention.

2. Make it easy: At Christmas season, more and more customers stream into the stores. That means, some retailers have to hire seasonal workers. Simplify your HR-processes and avoid paper processes that are connected to recruitments.

3. Protect yourself: Shoplifting tends to increase when it comes to Christmas season. Stores are packed and it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. That’s why you should invest in intelligent detection systems, automatic processes and digital reports, to proactively go against shoplifting.

4. Go automatic: Use electronic, automatic processing systems to make your invoicing processes more efficient.

5. Think digital: By consequently digitalizing paper-based processes, you can directly gain access to important information, optimize the goods-in process and at the same time save costs! This leads to more efficient background business processes.

6. Try MPS: By employing Managed Print Services, you can save printing costs plus your employees need to spend less time in the back office.