Benetton’s Sisley has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Özlenir Group, Turkish distributing group expert in supporting the international expansion of bridge fashion brands.

Sisley has been distributed in this country since 1991, joining its forces with Lesba Şti., part of Özlenir Group, even if more recently and until a year ago the brand was distributed through the Benetton group. The newly signed partnership, started from the second half of 2014, will be managed through this independent distributor upon and exclusive agreement through both monobrand and multibrand stores in the Turkish market. Sisley is presently sold through 25 stores. Thanks to this new partnership it could open about 100 stores in this country by 2020.

“The Turkish market has great potentials for growth,” commented Paolo Battacchi, Sisley Brand Director. “This pushed us finalising this agreement with Özlenir, the first independent distribution agreement. Our future aim is to continue working similarly in other markets with as high growth potential.”

Presently Sisley is sold through 900 stores worldwide. The first store characterizing the brand’s new concept “rich & raw” was inaugurated about a year ago in Berlin (read our previous coverage here).