Sisley has recently reopened its Milan Piazza San Babila concept store according to its Rich&Raw new concept, as part of the global relaunch strategy of the brand.

The 750-sq.meter, two-level store was redesigned with the aim to let modern and future elements of the new brand’s identity live together with echoes of the past, while always focusing on specific own unique and distinguishing marks.

An oval shape characterizes its mirrors, tables, lamps and other decor elements. Black and white checked floors are juxtaposed with purposely unfinished walls. Five-meter high grey wood installations and iron and glass metal window elements as well as parapets complete the store. Murano glass handcrafted glass and iron lamps and a unique lighting element made up of colored hexagon elements add a special atmosphere to the location.

Both floors – the ground floor aiming at women’s fashion and the first floor at men’s – host each a special area dedicated to denim with shelves, mirrors and a wide selection of products. “We wanted to stress the importance of this product that also marked Sisley’s origins, born in France as a jeans line in 1968,” commented Paolo Battacchi, head of Sisley, managing the brand also focusing on the fact that the brand is registering significant sales especially in the denim segment.

Sisley is now focusing on a series of openings in Italy, after their recent opening in Venice to be followed by Rome, Bari, Palermo and Turin, plus international openings, which are expected to follow from 2016 onwards.

Sisley concept store in Milan from the inside
Sisley concept store in Milan from the inside