Fashion chain SinnLeffers, which has recently been taken over by fashion retailer Whörl, has launched its first online shop on The captive e-commerce team with new online merchandising and marketing professionals took two years to plan the e-commerce shop. 2500 products from 57 different labels will be available. The highlight of the shop is a “dressing room” in which different products can be tried on and different combinations tested.

SinnLeffers are also using the online shop to win back old customers who used to shop in physical stores that have since shut down, for instance in Augsburg and Hagen. SinnLeffers have started to reach the 300.000 old customers, to inform them of their new online shop.

In future the assortment will be extended, especially with the growth markets: large sizes and laundry. The next step will be the implementation of a whole cross-channel business linking all the 22 German branches as ordering, picking up and bringing back stations.