Silvian Heach, Italian women’s fashion brand, will debut in the US from fall/winter 2015/16.

In order to better expand in this market area, Arav Group -owner of the Silvian Heach brands- has created a dedicated company, Arav USA, and has already selected four showrooms located in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta with the aim to present the Silvian Heach collections more thoroughly.

In this first phase, after having allocated an about USD 1 million investment, the Italian company Arav Group expects to achieve a turnover of USD 5 million for the first year of operation in the US.

Mena Marano, CEO, ARAV Group, commented: “I'm really excited to be able to distribute my products in a market that is highly competitive. It’s not easy to enter the Northern American market. For this first phase, the Silvian Heach collections, highly recognizable from the stylistic point of view, will be sold through the wholesale channel and through shop-in-shops located in the leading US department stores. In addition, we are also considering the opening of a few flagship stores that will help strengthening the brand positioning in the market.”

In the coming weeks, the Italian company will also take part in some of the most important US tradeshows such as Magic in Las Vegas (February, 17-19) and Coterie in New York (February, 23-25).

Arav Group was founded in 2002 by entrepreneurs ​​Mena Marano and Giuseppe Ammaturo. In addition to Silvian Heach, the Group’s portfolio includes Silvian Heach Kids and Silvian Heach Eyewear, both own brands, and the brand of children's clothing Aston Martin of which it holds the license for production and distribution worldwide. The Italian company nowadays distributes in over 40 countries worldwide through a platform that integrates multi-channel retail, wholesale and e-commerce. Arav Group is focused on offering Italian stylish quality products at competitive prices.